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214X, or Classic Pup, is a Puppy Linux derivative based on Puppy 2.14 and updated with newer applications and incredibly good looks. The project is spearheaded and managed by ttuuxxx, with development help and testing by several others in the Puppy Linux community.

This page mirrors the current version of the distro and provides access to many of the applications and utilities developed during the project. The forum thread is currently in excess of 300 pages and is the longest thread in the forum. That makes this page much easier to navigate than browsing through the entire thread. However, I highly recommend that you check out the thread for additional information on these apps that is not provided here.

SOME of these apps will run on other Puppies and, while many of these are included in the base build of 214X, some are not. Some you've seen before and are available elsewhere, but most of these have been tweaked to look better or work better in 214X, so you might want to check them out here.

Classic Pup currently in revision 10 and is mirrored here. Please see page 1 of the thread for more information.

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(It's a long list, so scroll slow and read the forum posts for more info.)


File Forum Page Comments
1 Scribus. Needs Python
6 CD burning 7 Pnethood 9 Slideshow Maker
9 The Gimp!
10 Very nice version of OpenOffice for older pups. Includes the us/uk dictionaries
OpenOffice 3.1.1 tweaked for 214X is available on the main Puppy page.
13 TightVNC
13 SDL 1.2.13 and a couple SDL games 21 Monopoly game 26 A lightweight webserver 31 XMMS 37 See the forum post for instructions
38 Xsane app and libraries
38 GTKam app and libraries 39 Hardware info 42 Very nice image viewer, in spite of the name 42 Image viewer 42 Image viewer 43 Fotoxx image viewer. Older version tweaked for 214X
44 GQView 45 Very nice text editor 48 CD burner
49 SNES emulator 57 Geany text editor 59 Downloading utility
59 A graphics editor like inkscape with more features at about the same size
60 ePDFview 60 For those that prefer Seamonkey to Firefox. See post for instructions
61 Asunder CD ripper w/ locales 61 Plugins for Abiword 64 Ayttm chat client 69 Check out 71 BMP XMMS skins
gemgame.tar.gz 71 Flash gem game 73 Another gem game 77 Cursor theme with a pointy tip 82 Newsreader 83 Terminal app 83
Terminal app 85 CD/DVD recovery 90 PDF reader 91 mhWaveEdit 94 Code browser 95 Cursor selector from BarryK, edited by ttuuxxx
Notecase 1.9.8 with locales 111 Add-on for battery status
118 Winamp with some skins 124 A graphing calculator 124 A very nice calculator with many features 126 Traceroute program - check your connection 134 Didiwiki 136 PDF printer for cups. Last time I looked it needed some setting up. Check the forum 137 Makes your 'Windows' key bring up a task switcher 139 Convert those SFS files! 140 Updated with locales and printing 143 mrxvt terminal compiled for 214X 148 A block game like the old Chip's Challenge. Move the blocks without blocking yourself in 153 Streamtuner 162 Boggle type game
164 GTK1 and Apps (see post)
  • XMMS - sound player
  • danpei - image viewer 165 GTK1 Othello game
166 A collection of software for writers and a flash swf editor that goes with the writer's package. See the post. 168 GUI for wget 169 Slim and Sexy IDE 169 Breakout game 170 Another hash md5sum utility, about 1/3 the size of gtkhash 170 Compiled for 214X
173 Pragha music player 173 List, extract, verbose extract and install alien (deb/rpm) packages. 174 Replaces ssh-secure-telnet and ssh-secure-telnet-gui 177 PupRadio tweaked for 214X
178 GTK4 apps (See thread)
  • fatrat p2p
  • FlashQard
  • Open Document Editor
  • Q-Brew beer recipes
  • Q-Simplesheet
  • TextMaker
  • Aarni
183 Gseptica card game - see thread for rules
186 Grisbi - a finance app like Homebank
186 Homebank, compiled for 214X 188 A nice file manager - too big for the base distro 193 tabble (the 214X Control Panel) with clickable icons 194 Dillo browser compiled for 214X - See the post 194 Skype all tweaked up for 214X 200 See the thread 206 Password manager 207 Connect game 207 Reversi game 207 Pac-man like game 210 ttuuxxx's puppy iso remaster script. See the thread for more info.
213 Commodore 64 Emulator 213 Evince PDF Viewer
Modem Utilities. See the thread pages for more info. 226 lsof (LiSt Open Files) is a diagnostic tool that list open files, sockets, and pipes. It can be used for audit, WebServer troubleshooting or administrative task in any UNIX system.
Compiled by Clarf 227 Abiword and Gnumeric from Puppy 4 series tweaked for 214X 230 A journal program with password encryption
230 Two more file archivers 230 CD burner 231 Hiawatha webserver. There are earlier versions also in the thread, such as version 6.14.1 on page 37 237 Dead Beef audio player
238 devx pet. With libnotify, its current to RC5
239 technosaurus recompiled this version of Blinky and put together this collection of gtk1 apps:
  • Minimum Profit - highlighting text editor with tabs and more
  • Graphical Process Statistics - like top and pprocess combined
  • Ggradebook - tool for teachers
  • xmms - fairly up to date audio player (it is over half of this tarball)
  • gtkedit - basic text editor
  • gftp - same ftp client that is in puppy but version 2.18
  • gvidm - screen resolution setter
  • blinky - network monitor 241 Help Surfer html viewer 241 Very small text editor. No print function, but you can open and save text files and change fonts.
242 File archiver with support for extra types. There are several versions of this included utility in the thread. See pages 84 and 230 for additional information. 242 Small, quick search tool 243 Geeqie graphics browser (successor to gqview). The beta version was posted almost 200 pages ago!
244 A free disk / partition utility 244 A balls game similar to 5ball 245 clamav and avscan
245 A fax program, with locales 245 A nice gtk2 theme selector 245 A bejeweled type game 246 Another galaga game! 247 PuTTY telnet/ssh client
249 and 260 Google Chrome compiled for 214X, with locales. Originally posted on page 249. Updated on page 260. If you want the original files, contact me directly. 249 A very small image viewer. All the basics, but some features don't work 250 Firepup browser compiled for 214X. See post for directions 255 Filezilla 255 A chm file/document reader, compiled with static wxgtk libs 255 A nice text /code editor with static wxgtk libs 258 A small spreadsheet editor 258 A number game called Hitori 259 A cool little calculator that also converts a TON of different values 259 A fork of the mtpaint program included in almost all Puppy distros, but built for younger users 262 An update for Firefox that allows you to open pets with petget in Firefox to install them straight from the browser
264 Bash, including the bacon script for compiling bacon apps 264 A local LAN chat program 264 A utility for managing the system tray. 264 Another version of the popular paint program 265 Tiny font viewer 265 rxvt terminal program
265 mrxvt 266 A tiny utility for coding in Bacon. See the thread. 273 xchat, compiled by Billtoo 273 Links browser, compiled by Billtoo
273 Tetris clone, ltris, compiled by Billtoo and tweaked by ttuuxxx 274 Xine, compiled by Billtoo and tweaked by ttuuxxx
274 Opera, ttuuxxx-ified
281 Encrypt your filesystem
282 Geany text editor - newer than included in 214X 283 Quick Server Pages
283 Gplanarity game 285 Another version of the Galaga clone 285 Offender is another Galaga-type game 286 GIFView
286 Gsquares game 291 Flash 292 D&D-type card game 293 mhWaveEdit - play, edit, record 294 mtpaint
294 Yad dialog program
294 Sylpheed mail client
296 Frostwire - be sure to read the thread on this one
297 Audacity - READ THE THREAD! 298 Java Control Center 301 Xboard chess 301 Battleship game 301 If I read it right, this program converts forum threads to a single file for easier reading (like when the thread is 300 plus pages!). 302 wysiwyg editor - fork of Komposer 302 SQLite for 214X 302 Pure FTP 302 Deps for file sharing in 214X 302 A stand alone Flash player
304 Gxine screensavers 304 UGet
305 Smalltalk is a programming language
306 Wipe, secure data destruction 307 Seamonkey browser 310 Number lock app 310 Netsurf browser 311 Goggles DVD player 311 DX IRC client 311 Goggle Music Manager 312 Icon set for Goggle Music Manager 312 mime file for rox so that evince can read .cbr comic files
312 Geany 315 Mediainfo - see the thread 315 A 4pane file manager with a built in terminal that can also mount and unmount hard drives 315 GRPN calculator - small with many functions
315 315 Gftp - the same version as what's in 2.14X but the menu now displays icons for pet's and sfs packages. 315 An interesting application for young kids. Its basically an app that teaches them how to spell and speak. 315 An early Mac emulator. Read the thread for more info. 315 The latest MtPaint - ttuuxxx changed the default icons again. 316 Updated Claws Mail with a bunch of plugins and things added. See the thread. 316 Bluefish 2.2.1 html code editor 320 Updated - to solve problem some folks are having changing the wallpaper on their desktops. 321 Per a user request. See the thread. 336 Originally packaged by Eathray and tweaked by ttuuxxx 336 Updated mtpaint by ttuuxxx and 341 Tools to fix wpa2 wireless issues - read the post for more info 341 The missing icons for the JWM (tabble) control panel plus Viewnior 341 Fixes an issue some have had with their keyboards. See the post for more information



Puppy Linux is a unique and incredibly customizable linux operating system developed by Barry Kauler. One of it's most attractive features is the way it can be used to revitalize old hardware with current applications. Many users of Puppy enjoy using it in the lightest way possible. To help support that, this website is built and maintained using only basic html code. While Puppy Linux is more than capabable of handling the rigors of today's code and applications, many of us prefer to keep things simple and fast.

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