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In 2007, I started to collect old computers from people rather than see them tossed in a landfill somewhere. I would refurbish them and find places for them with home-bound children, disadvantaged youth, and youth programs. Since I didn't have any legal copies of M$ Windows, I started trying out different Linux distributions on this old hardware. Then I discovered Puppy Linux and was hooked.

This site offers distributions, applications, and files that support and enhance Puppy Linux. This software is mirrored here because I like and enjoy it, because the author needed additional space or download mirrors, or because it is part of a project that has my support. The puplets (distributions) offered here are, mostly, those that I like, use, or enjoy.

This site is NOT meant as a comprehensive Puppy Linux resource.

Please visit Barry Kauler's Puppy Linux home page or PuppyLinux.org for more information. To read and participate in discussions about all things Puppy, visit the forum.


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Click here for a larger view of 214X! Classic Pup 214X by ttuuxxx - This is a tweaked version of Puppy 214 updated with new software and capabilities, built to still run well on older hardware. It is beautiful! So much additional software has been compiled, tweaked, or just plain built for this puplet that I've dedicated an entire page to it, so just CLICK HERE!

Legacy OS 2.1 LTS, Legacy 2.1 Gamer and Legacy OS 4 Mini by john biles - Formerly TEENpup, these puplets have been updated with newer applications and are now focused more for adults than teens. Legacy OS 2.1 and 2.1 Gamer are based on the Puppy 2 Series, a kernel that runs well on older hardware (think that old 386/486 collecting dust in the closet), while Legacy OS 4 Mini is based on the Puppy 4 Series. After using the original TEENpup to resurrect some older machines, I'm really excited to help host these puplets! The new look is polished, the application selection is very well rounded and complete, and its a Puppy so it's easy to use and fast. See the wiki page for more information.

To support Legacy OS, the developer, john biles, periodically releases update packs, that users should install to keep their systems up to date. Information on these updates is available in the forum or you can link to the additional packages on Sourceforge via the wikki, above.

4.3.1 with Broadcom 4312 Wireless Drivers by jrb - I have a Dell Inspiron Mini 10, which uses the Broadcom 4312 wireless chipset. As it turns out, this is one of the most difficult wireless cards to use with Linux, of any flavor. Puppy user jrb employed the research and work of tempestuous and others to make this version of Puppy 4.3.1 with the drivers installed and working. Since then, new Puppy distros with newer kernels have been said to support this card, but not without some tweaking while this distro works out of the box. Check out the forum thread for more information.




Puppy Linux is a unique and incredibly customizable linux operating system developed by Barry Kauler. One of it's most attractive features is the way it can be used to revitalize old hardware with current applications. Many users of Puppy enjoy using it in the lightest way possible. To help support that, this website is built and maintained using only basic html code. While Puppy Linux is more than capabable of handling today's Web 2.0 type code and applications, many of us prefer to keep things simple and fast.

Please send comments and suggestions to JD Sullivan (SullySAT on the forum) and put the word "Puppy" in the subject line.